Monday, 8 July 2013

Brunch in Surry Hills #1: Kepos St. Kitchen, Kawa Cafe, Lumiere Cafe and Two Good Eggs Cafe

I have been having brunch in Surry Hills lately. I always feel delightful and relaxed after having brunch and it is also a great way to start the day. Surry Hills is a great place for brunch where there are different varieties and price range. I am also a coffee addict, which is a reason why I like trying out those cafes.

28/6: Kepos Street Kitchen 
My friend and I went to Kepos St. Kitchen the next day after my last exam. I remembered that the weather on that day was horrible, it was freezing and raining all day. However this didn't stop me from trying out their food, we walked all the way from Central station to Kepos St. After a "good" 10-15 mins walk, we finally arrived and were starving! The place was fully packed and the waitress opened the door for us with a friendly smile. Without looking at the menu, I already knew what I was going to order (checked the photos from their instagram lol).
Getting all ready/ their pastries look amazing/ my skim flat white/ their entrance
Woodsmoked salmon salad, olives, kipflers, soft boiled egg, za’atar AUD$18 (mine)
I was so excited with my dish because I love salmon and soft boiled egg! The egg came out perfectly cooked with an oozing orange just-about-done yolk (as you can see from the photo) but the salmon was not as "woodsmoked" to me. I really like the warm potato salad with quinoa. Overall I enjoyed the salad combination and it was light and delicious. 
Wagyu beef burger, pickled eggplant, walnuts, watercress , harissa AUD$18  (my friend's)
I had a bite of my friend's Wagyu beef, it was so JUICY.  

I have heard their falafel and tabouleh salad with pomegranate pearls are nice. I am keen to come back and try them out.  
Kepos Street Kitchen on Urbanspoon

1/7: Kawa Cafe
I always walk past Kawa cafe but never knew that they served breakfast there. My friend suggested to have brunch in Kawa before we head to the hair salon. Kawa has a relaxed atmosphere with white walls and mismatched furniture. My friend and I both ordered the Vegan BIG breakfast. The dish was served warm (which is very important) and the roasted pumpkin was so freaking tasty! I like how the baked beans are homemade and the hummus are creamy, they went really well with the crusty grain toast. I enjoyed every part of the dish and I cleared the whole plate. 
Vegan Big Breakfest includes ripe avocado, roast pumpkin, slow roasted tomato with basil, sauteed mushrooms, homemade baked beans, hummus and toast AUD$16.50
Kawa on Urbanspoon

3/7: Lumiere Cafe
This was my second visit to Lumiere, I like going to Lumiere because they have have an extensive breakfast menu and their food proportions are HUGE. I felt like omelette on that day but I was struggling whether I should get smoked ham or the vegetarian omelette. The waitress suggested the vegetarian one, she said she liked the haloumi cheese with the egg so I took her suggestion. The omelette turned out to be a bit dry for me but I really like the grilled haloumi cheese and the firm chewy texture it has (was my first time having haloumi). Besides, it would be great if they served it with multigrain toast instead of plain white toast. I was super full after finishing the omelette as you can see the size of the omelette was about the size of my face lol (check out the photo underneath where I was holding my dish). I was a little disappointed with the omelette but I will definitely come back for other breakfast options!
Grilled haloumi & wilted spinach omelette AUD$19
Lumiere Cafe & Patisserie on Urbanspoon

7/7: Two Good Eggs Cafe
A brunch without egg is like having a burger without the juicy beef (not sure that make sense or not lol). It was a lovely Sunday and my friend bought me and other friends to this lovely cafe called Two Good Eggs. The cafe has a nice and warm atmosphere with brick walls and wooden tables & chairs. 
Lovely atmosphere/ hot mocha
My friends' brunch: #1 Two Good Eggs Breakfast AUD$17.90 / #2 Spicey Chorizo Baked Eggs AUD$16.90 / #3 Smoked salmon & Spinach Scrambled eggs AUD$16.90

Two Good Eggs Vegetarian Breakfast: poached eggs with grilled haloumi, baked beans, roast mushrooms, tomate and quinoa & soya toast AUD$17.90 (mine)
The poached eggs were well cooked with smooth runny yolk and the grilled haloumi was delicious with the sauce on the top (no idea what sauce was that). I particularly like the quinoa & soya bread, it was fresh and tasty! The baked beans would taste better if it was homemade. I also ordered a regular skim flat white but I felt the proportion was smaller than the normal regular size coffee (bit of a ripoff).
Two Good Eggs on Urbanspoon


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